Luigi Celauro

Phone: +39 040 3787 881/882
Fax: +39 040 3787 702
Office: Building A2, Room 5


My project here at SISSA, working in the prion biology lab headed by Professor Giuseppe Legname, aims to explore the interplay between different amyloid proteins, whose neuronal deposition characterizes neurodegenerative diseases. Using prion-infected cells and recombinant amyloid fibrils produced in our lab, we were able to determine how, the tau protein, normally implicated in a group of diseases known as “tauopathies” and the prion protein, involved in prion diseases, can interact, and influence each other. Our goal is to elucidate why aggregated proteins characteristics of distinct pathologies are often found together and if this co-deposition modifies somehow the course of the disease.